What’s New?


Handpresso Auto Capsule is a perfect fit inside your vehicle,
it plugs into the 12/24 volt socket and can sit in the cup holder. 

  • Reliable, intuitive, nimble, and with just the right digital touch, it prepares a perfect espresso, in less than 2 minutes.
  • Digital monitoring system.
  • Electronic delay system.
  • Anti-spray nozzle.
  • No need for a separate device to boil water.
  • Full pressure range of a regular espresso machine.

Built to conveniently load 2 bikes of any size, you can ride off-road,
in the city, or wherever your journey takes you.

  • Easily adjustable to all frame sizes.
  • Folding capability for storage or rear vehicle access.
  • Also fits mountain bikes, road bikes, and fat tire bikes.
  • Adjustable rack according to tire size.
  • Secure, rubber straps to hold bikes.

The MAXXSHADE is the PERFECT solution for blocking out sunlight and
UV rays
to keep you cool and comfortable – day and night!

  • Fully retractable, spring-loaded roller shade with secure “snap-lock” closure.
  • Shade material has a reflective backing to block light and reflects heat.
  • Will not interfere with the normal operation of a roof vent or powered ventilation fan.
  • Easy installation using existing garnish ring.

The ultimate portable waste water tanks, offering larger capacities and
a sewer hose that can remain attached to the tank for faster, more sanitary use!

  • Horizontal empty – no need to tip tank on end.
  • AutoStop™ Level Gauge – prevents overfill and improves venting for faster tank emptying.
  • Large washout port for easy rinsing.
  • Integrated side handles allow for easy maneuvering and strapping to ladder mount systems.

Furrion Vision S® Vehicle Observation Systems eliminate blind spots and
bring surround viewing capabilities to RVs, trucks, specialty vehicles, trailers and more.

  • Wireless RV backup camera systems work on a strong and table digital signal with a long range.
  • All cameras offer clear images, wide viewing angles and night vision.
  • Monitors are available in 3 sizes with side, rear, and doorway security options.

The CURT Echo® mobile trailer brake controller is the first of its kind,
providing an entirely new towing experience.

  • Syncs with your Apple or Android phone, turning it into a wireless brake controller interface.
  • Compact, portable design allows for intuitive, app-enabled functionality, easy transfer from one vehicle to another, and convenient storage when not in use.