Sell Your RV’s To Us!

 We are looking for Used Motorhomes & Trailers!

WE WANT TO BUY IT!  We Pay Current Market Value!

Not looking to purchase a New RV from us? No Problem, we will still buy yours!
Do you have a Motorhome or Trailer and are looking to get rid of it? Is it 4 years or newer?

We will offer you the current market value for your motorhome or trailer, depending on age, condition and other factors. Call our office and speak to one of our Sales Managers or email them at They will ask you a series of questions to determine the value of your RV
Some of the questions they may ask are:
  • Current condition of the Motorhome or Trailer ?
  • Any safety concerns ?
  • Last service completed ?
  • Any faults, accidents or claims on the RV ?
  • Any outstanding issues with the RV ?
  • Current location of the RV ?
  • Any additional none OEM accessories installed or modifications ?
 You may be required to supply photos of the RV if you are unable to present it in person. All in person appraisals are done by appointment only. Please call our office in advance to make an appointment for an appraisal.
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