Hospital Updates



UPDATE March 31, 2020.

We are in constant contact with Lakeridge heath and are ready to spring into action with our team.  This is not an easy or a small task because we need to un-winterize and then transport all the units to each site. After set up, we need power, water, propane and waste. Then we also need to sanitize them after use and replace some items in each unit. We have many people to help with this.

ALL of the units are spoken for.

To the front line workers of Lakeridge Health we like to say: Thanks for what you are doing. We will help as much as we can and the Lake Ridge Health management team will use the units at the best time for the best fit. Please keep doing what you do and we, with your management team, will do what we do. We have to trust each other.

~ Owasco Group

Smart Technologies Integration has generously offered to set up all of the electrical work needed to have full power to the trailers & motorhomes

Shepard Septic has generously offered to handle the waste disposal from these units

Purefectair & New Creations Durham have generously offered to help tow the trailers / drive the motorhomes to the hospitals

Landis Family Foundation have generously donated $5,000 USD to help with this program

Global News was kind enough to share this story which has made it possible to get the assistance needed to make this possible. Click here to see their coverage! “We are not doing this for TV time, we are doing this because it is the right thing to do. We must help our Heros, the front line workers” – Owasco Team

This is in combination with a large amount of individuals who have personally reached out and asked if they can help in any way possible!




Lakeridge Health Foundation:

Durham Region

Owasco Group, to Help Drive / Tow: