Craig – Sales Manager

Phone: 905-697-0678Email:

About Craig aka “Poncho”

  • I have been working with Owasco since 2002
  • The story behind my nickname Poncho is a long one, if you stop by & see me I would be happy to share it with you.
  • My hobbies include camping in my Jayco Greyhawk 29ME with my wife, 2 daughters & granddaughter.
  • Prior to my Greyhawk, I also owned two Triple E Regals.
  • When I am not out camping you can find my poolside either at home or at some great hot spots in the Caribbean (the hotter the weather the better for me).
  • My favourite camping spot is the Grand Canyon.
  • Fun Fact: Craig assisted with input on the Jayco Greyhawk 29ME floorplan design, so it’s no surprise that he now owns one!


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This is our second trailer purchase from Owasco. The sales staff at Owasco (Craig McFadden and Staff)) took an enormous amount of time and patience finding us the perfect trailer. Once we selected our trailer we were shown all the features of the trailer and how to safely set the trailer up. We were also shown where the service department was and introduced to the service staff. The trailer was completely ready for us when we came to pick it up, Craig went through setting the trailer once again just to make sure that we would be comfortable on our own and that if we had any issues just to give him a call. Great experience, professional, friendly staff. – Brian