Why Buy Ex-Rentals?

7 Important & Positive Reasons Why You Should Buy An Ex-Rental


Our Rental Units are not built as a Rental. We use the same manufactures, designs and options as we do on our retail units. Meaning with our ex-rentals come with all the bells and whistles that a regular retail vehicle would, you do not get just the basic functions of a Rental built unit that most supply.




Fully Maintained. We service our units better than any owner would. Our vehicles get a full inspection after every rental, with the average being 7-10 — this means our rentals are getting serviced every 7-10 days.





NEVER used in the Winter. Our vehicles are not rented during the winter months. They are instead parked and stored so the undercarriages/vehicles are protected from our harsh winter.





Safety Certified. All of our ex-rentals are sold with a safety certificate to ensure that the RV is safe for its new owner.






Premium Clients. We charge premiums for our rental vehicles and we have specific terms and conditions that prevent our vehicles from being abused.





Ex-Rental Preparation. After a vehicle leaves our rental fleet, it goes through a multi-point check list to make sure our vehicle meets our ex-rental standards. Items and components are replaces to insure the vehicle is ready for its new owner.






Warranty. We have different levels of warranty available for purchase on all of our ex-rentals. Pick the level of warranty that best suits you and your needs.



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