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RV Water Hose VS Garden Hose

  • RV Water Hoses will not break down in the sunlight.
  • Whereas a regular garden hose will and will be putting chemicals into your drinking water.
  • Here you will want to go with one that is drinking water safe. To tell the difference, the RV water hose will be white and your standard garden hose will be either green or black.
  • WHY? It does not have chemicals that will leach into your water supply.

RV Toilet Paper VS House Hold Toilet Paper

  • RV Toilet paper is designed to breakdown and be safe for the environment and for the operation of the toilet.
  • Whereas household paper will not break down and will cause poor operation of your sewage system on your RV/Trailer.
  • This disintegrates quickly to avoid clogging up your sewage system and is environmentally friendly.

Premium Sewer Hose VS Low End Sewer Hose

  • The benefits of a high end sewer hose is made of better materials and comes as a complete kit
  • The low end sewer hose is made of lesser quality PVC and does not come with any fittings, it is basic.
  • Here you do not want to go cheap, the extra money you will save isn’t worth the hassle when your cheaper hose fails. The one we carry is the Camco RhinoFLEX 20ft, and it includes two 10ft hoses with pre attached bayonet fittings and a 4 n 1 adaptor and 4 storage caps.
  • Very resilient, flexible and crush proof to hold up to the yanking walking on it and dragging it across the ground.


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